Friday, June 11, 2010


I had my second outpatient visit today. The doctor took out the stitches. The foot still looks like a mess to me, but Dr. Samran was happy with it. He says the skin graft is taking and the wound is healing well. He is also sending me to buy a special walking cast that can be taken on and off. It is more comfortable and will allow me to walk without crutches.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mobile again

I am a bit happier today. That is because I am mobile again. I went and rented an automatic motorcycle today. (My motorbike is still in Mai Ai, a hundred and twenty miles over the mountains. Plus I couldn't drive it, since I can't shift gears with my left foot in a splint). People might be surprised that I would get back on a Motorcycle, but I don't really have any choice. Public transportation in CM is not handicap friendly, as well as being inconvenient. I can't walk more than about 100 yards and that takes me 15 minutes. So I am mobile again, although every outing leaves me exhausted. I still spend most of my time laying down.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1

I have been home since Saturday Evening and got my internet connection restored yesterday. Mostly I am lying around in bed keeping my foot elevated. That is to keep the swelling in the foot down. Swelling is bad for the skin graft. I have gotten out of the apartment a few times, but it is very difficult and slow on crutches. I have had several visitors, which perks me up. My life in general is very boring right now. I have my initial outpatient consultation on Friday. It is at the hospital, which means it is quite a way from here. Not quite sure how I will get there. Hopefully the doctor will have good news about the skin graft, and tendon repair.