Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quiet Days

I have a few days off right now, a short break between terms. I am not traveling anywhere this time. I have been on two major trips in the last year, and my bank account is pretty much entirely depleted. So I am just relaxing at home. I am also doing a few chores that I have been putting off. For example, getting new pages put into my passport. Yup, my passport is full up. It wouldn't be if border officials weren't so stamp crazy, and countries could issue smaller visas. But I am having problems with the US consulates webpage right now, so I haven't been able to confirm my appointment. I also looked at a new apartment, much bigger than my current place, but not so nicely appointed. I will keep looking. I want a bigger place, but I don't want to pay too much. I bought some books yesterday and rented some movies, so I should be all set in the entertainment arena. I have also been cooking more of my own food this week. A nice treat, but it does mean I have to clean up the dishes! I worked a little on my Thai studies, but not too much. Oh, that is another thing on my list, I want to visit a Thai language school and check out their program this week. They normally teach missionaries, but they are open to having anyone as a student. (I guess you probably shouldn't ask to learn any Thai swear words in the class though). If there is anyone who is serious about learning foreign languages it is missionaries, so hopefully they will have a good program. Anyway, I need to run out to the store right now so "Bye!"