Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I am having an anniversary this week. Last year on December 6th I bought my hybrid mountain bike, a Trek 4300. I took it out to ride for the first time on Dec. 7th. I have been riding ever since. (I did take a longish break during the hot season.) So I marked my one year anniversary as a biker this week. I also hit 1600 miles on the odometer this week. Admittedly that isn't all that much for a year, but I started off riding very short rides. I recently did a 42 mile ride, and I expect to do a 50 mile ride soon. I have to say, riding is the greatest form of exercise ever invented. A recent study rated cycling as the best form of exercise for building endurance. It is also good for weight loss or management, it is low impact, it helps build core strength and improve balance, and of course, you get to see lots of pretty countryside while you ride. I have also started to do more riding in the mountains recently. This is much more challenging, but it is a great way to increase fitness.

I love cycling, and I hope to keep riding for many, many years.